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ユーティリティ 仕事効率化
開発者 HunanLaser media tech

MobileActorEditor Lite—professional tool for game artist

Welcome to MobileActorEditor, a profession actor editing tool for game artist. This the first and the only tool on iOS which provides mesh structure editing, skeleton-animation optimizations, ambient-occlusion calculation, and many other useful functions for game developers.

Multi-core supports, App uses multi-thread to run the long-wait processes, such as animation optimization, ambient-occlusion, and so on.
Model structures editing, let user deleting, setting visibility of sub-mesh(s), and changing rendering orders. User can merge sub-mesh(s) that shared the same material. Quick build and edit material(s) for each sub-mesh.
Skeleton-animation playing/checking, let user playing animation clips in any sequence.
Skeleton animation optimization, let user removing the redundant key-frames in animation, which will reduce the memory/disk cost and the run-time calculations, while the visual quality keeps almost the same .
Ambient-occlusion calculating, automatic un-wrap the second set of texture coordinates in mesh, and create a light-map texture with ambient-occlusion, for better view of dynamic model in game scene those can not perform static light-mapping.
Triangle subdivision, provide user capability of creating high-poly models, especially useful with the customer body part definition function.
Optimization for indexed-primitives structure based model, by optimizing face indices to fitting the cache of GPU, about 20% to 100% performance will be gained in the model rendering.
Importing/Exporting models from/to other file format, App supports Wavefront’s .obj and Halflife’s .smd and Autodesks .FBX(import only in free version) format, users can use the works in their own game.